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Felisi Tote Bag Two Tone Suede

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Felisi Tote Bag Two Tone Suede

  • £695.00
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Product Branding

Product Description

Felisi Tote Bag Two Tone Suede

A stunning tote bag from Felisi. Hand made and finished in supple 2 tone black and white suede leather this tote will hold all your essentials whilst providing the perfect look. Practical and stylish, the ideal piece to make a statement of intent whether out and about or work.

Dimensions: 40cm x 35cm x 5cm

Felisi product code: 15-25

Product type: Tote bag

Manufacturing: Handmade

Colouring: 2 Tone Black/White

Origin: Italy

Material: Suede

Tote Bags: The term goes back to the 17th Century meaning to carry, bags that were used to carry items so then became Tote's. They were used for carrying multiple items and today's Tote bags respect that tradition by being sufficient in size to carry multiple items. There are even small, medium and large Tote's to choose from.

Typically Tote bags have an open top, though some people will now use zippers, or fasteners to clip the tops together. Quite often made from flexible materials Tote bags will have two sturdy handles made of leather. In some cases the full bag will be in leather.

Felisi Tote bags are modern classics and that is why we have them in our collection.

A long-established, Italian-crafted brand, Felisi designs and produces collections that are truly one of a kind, with an original, exclusive style. Felisi bags are designed and crafted to last, to remain a faithful travelling companion or work colleague to the extent where they become one with their owner.

Felisi products are created using top-of-the-range leather, together with canvas or nylon in a huge variety of colours and combinations. The Felisi crest, the hallmark that appears on every accessory crafted, belongs to the noble family from Ferrara. The tree heavy with golden apples that adorns the shield symbolises the fertility of the land owned by the family.

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