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A Luxury Christmas with Kensington Bespoke

Posted by Imran 18/04/2017 0 Comment(s) Kensington Bespoke,

With Christmas just around the corner, The Foxley Docket looks ahead to the festive period. As a magazine featuring the more luxurious side of life, where better to turn to for gifts for family and friends than to a self-professed “online luxury superstore”?

We sat down with Imran Khan, CEO and founder of Kensington Bespoke, with new tagline, “Luxury and Style Made Excellent”, who offer the finest goods from across the United Kingdom and Europe, to discuss the perfect luxury gift this Christmas. But with such a vast array of clientele to pick from from all over Europe with products ranging from porcelain to bags to fashion and everything in between, where to begin?

As a quintessentially British brand, the first choice was to keep it on home soil, proudly exhibiting the best of Britain at Christmas. Sifting through a plethora of elegant, luxurious British brands on offer on the online luxury superstore. It’s well understood across the fashion industry that the right accessories can make the difference between a good outfit and a great outfit, not to mention their more than suitability for presents.

With the search narrowed down, Imran and The Foxley Docket came to agreement on two brilliantly British luxury brands and the newest additions to Kensington Bespoke’s sophisticated stock – Modalu London and Whitehouse Cox, who proudly carry the tagline, “Handmade in England”, which somewhat pushed the brand in our favour.

First, Modalu London.

The brand instantly speaks to linguistics students, with its ethos of ‘Couture, Creativity and Craftsmanship’ utilising tasteful alliteration while sat charmingly in the format of a three-part list – it’s a literary delight from the start. The British brand takes inspiration from all over the world, aspiring to combine quality with effortless chic, while ensuring they remain value for money. In an age of over-indulgence, Modalu ensure costs are kept accessible to all, without compromising on style or quality. Utilising only the finest leathers from all over the world, the team at Modalu create elegant handbags which are fit for both work and play, blending effortlessly into any outfit.

Second, Whitehouse Cox.

With a tagline that reads “Handmade in England”, we were initially drawn into the British heritage behind the brand, which, in a tasteful banner, informs that their company dates back to the 19th century. The brand utilises exquisite bridle leather, blessing it with hands well-versed in centuries of experience. The end product is an undeniably unique and distinguished range of wallets, card holders and key cases, timeless in style and immaculate in quality. Every product created by Whitehouse Cox embodies the spirit and history of the brand, and of the highest quality British craftsmanship, guaranteed to serve the owner for a lifetime, enriched in character and effortlessly stylish.

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