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For the Home - Kensington Bespoke

Posted by Imran 18/04/2017 1 Comment(s) Kensington Bespoke,

Kensington Bespoke is an online luxury superstore overseen by CEO and founder, Imran Khan, who offers only the finest handpicked items ranging from fashion to houseware to luggage and everything in between. In this instalment, we delve into the world of ornaments and interiors on offer from Kensington Bespoke.

With an eye for quality stemming from a taste acquired over six decades, it’s safe to say that Kensington Bespoke have somewhat of an educated opinion on the finer things in life. The ways in which we decorate our homes speaks volumes about who we are as people, subconsciously making a statement about ourselves, while subtly presenting ourselves in a desired light for others. We investigate just three of the countless homeware brands available from Kensington Bespoke, from locations all over Europe. The brand invites us to “join us on a journey of discovery”.

First, we journey to the picturesque, reflective, crystal lake sceneries and home to Arnold Schwarzenegger, Austria. Here, in the country’s capital, Vienna, discover the bespoke beauty of Austrian porcelain.

Introducing Augarten Wien. Much like its sophisticated stockist, the Austrian porcelain brand is rich in heritage, dating back to 1718, and offers the finest quality and pristine beauty in every piece, an ethos the company prides itself on. No two pieces from Augarten Wien are the same; each creation is unique, made to the customer’s tastes. It’s this personal approach which earned the brand its place within the Kensington Bespoke clientele, serving as the customer’s “luxury online personal shopper.” Prices range from £59 to £1,170.

Crossing a border to the east, enter the home of the Rubik’s Cube and composer Franz Liszt, Hungary.

Established shortly after its Austrian predecessor, Herend’s porcelain factory is appreciated all over the world, experimenting to produce the first ‘true’ porcelain pieces. In the years that followed, Herend created a very unique line of beautiful porcelain pieces which established the Hungarian brand’s global presence. Today, the name is synonymous with handcrafted porcelain perfection. Stocking only the finest brands from across Great Britain and Europe, Kensington Bespoke handpicked Herend to be featured, having shared these values. Prices range from £33 to £2,470.

Last but by no means least, take a journey to Spain’s sunkissed eastern Mediterranean coast.

The youngest of the aforementioned artists, Lladró was founded in the heart of the 1950s, conceived as a small family workshop in a tiny farming community near Valencia. A trio of brothers named Juan, José and Vicente turned their expertise from farming to ceramics in the hope of making a name for themselves and their family, with big hopes and bright horizons. Studying their craft at the Valencia School of Arts and Crafts, Juan and José studied the illustrative side of the art, while sculpture was placed in the skilled hands of Vicente. Today, this family legacy lives on, preserving artistic techniques of 18th century Europe, while taking influence from the millennial heritage of China, from whence some of the most beautiful ceramics in the world originated. Prices range from £40 to £5,600.

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james wilkinson:
22/05/2017, 07:58:51 PM

nice to learn all the history behind it

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