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A Gentleman's Accessories with Kensington Bespoke

Posted by Imran 18/04/2017 0 Comment(s) Kensington Bespoke,

Consider the modern gentleman. Whether on a professional business trip, or a quiet social event with friends, appearance is everything. This month, we explore three ways to accessorise while looking every bit the part, utilising the finest bags and wallets offered by Kensington Bespoke.

For hands-free travel on the go, we’ve selected one of many backpacks offered by Italian luxury brand, Il Bisonte. The brand was founded by Wanny Di Filippo, who, when discussing the origins of the brand’s name, cited “I have been conquered by the image of peace and strength conveyed by bisons, that for centuries have been a source of life and continuity for all those people who lived free in the American land. For this reason, they are the symbol I decided to mark all my products with.”

Dressed in a cool and stylish coat of camouflage, the Il Bisonte Backpack (£229) is both robust and versatile, and is guaranteed to ‘blend in’ to any casual outfit. Your belongings are sure to be protected by the backpack’s lined in, brown cotton canvas, and sealed by soft-gold brass hardware to ensure you arrive at your destination with everything you need for a day of socialising. For maximum comfort, the Il Bison Backpack features both adjustable shoulder straps and a handle. Black zipped pockets ensure your belongings remain safe and secure, with an inner leather pocket which perfectly fits any mobile phone. On the face of Il Bisonte Backpack is Il Bisonte’s proud logo, a bison, radiating peace and strength from the wearer’s person for a lifetime.

Our second choice of sophisticated accessories from Kensington Bespoke comes in the form of the Sterling Pass Case in Black from luxurious British brand, Ettinger (£95). We decided to toe the line between formal and informal, and appealed to the customer’s sense of convenience. On daily travels, passengers require a number of different cards – ID, credit, debit, and when travelling through London, an Oyster card helps massively. Granted these could be kept in your wallet, but why not keep your passes together, and look incredibly stylish while doing so? This Sterling Pass Case in Black by Ettinger is lovingly made by hand in Britain, and is part of Ettinger’s prestigious ‘Sterling’ collection. It takes inspiration from British bank notes, and is made from the finest soft calf, decorated in regal purple leather.

Our third choice comes in the form of the Globe-Trotter Jet Tote in Blue (£750). Globe-Trotter are a naturally appealing brand to a quintessentially British publication, but our faith in them doesn’t rely merely on their origins – if it’s good enough for both James Bond and The Queen, it’s good enough for us. Not only is this bag globally acclaimed and endorsed by a number of British icons, it’s also a unique and limited edition series by arguably the masters of British craftsmanship. As the old adage goes, “every day is a school day”, and class is in session.

The term ‘tote’ dates back to the 17th century, when it meant “to carry.” Bags which were utilised to carry things were referred to as ‘tote bags.’ These tote bags were used to carry a multitude of items, and in tribute to their origins, today’s tote bag is sufficient in size to carry everything the modern businessman needs, and typically come in small, medium and large. Although traditionally left open, the Globe-Trotter Jet Tote in Blue features a zip to ensure belongings remain safe and secure. To make carrying the Tote both comfortable and convenient, the Tote’s sturdy handles have been crafted from the finest leather. For that bit of rarity backed by unrivalled quality, look no further than Globe-Trotter!

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