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Singin' In The Rain with Kensington Bespoke

Posted by Imran 18/04/2017 1 Comment(s) Kensington Bespoke,

Given the unpredictability of British weather, where showers seem imminent at any moment, even in the brightest of sunshine, the heavens could open. It’s as inevitable as a cat landing on its feet, or toast falling butter side down.

Thankfully for Brits everywhere, an invention has been created to combat such sporadic showers – the umbrella. Its origins date back to the days of hunters, gatherers and cave paintings, where the first ‘umbrellas’ consisted of primitive shelters of leaves, aeons before the earliest civilizations were recorded in history. The name, Umbrella, stems back to the days of the Roman Empire, when the Latin root word ‘umbra’ meant shade or shadow.

This month, we delve into the world of one of Britain’s most historic brands and craftsmen of the umbrella as we know it today.

Croydon based umbrella craftsmen Fox Umbrellas dates back to 1868 during the reign of Queen Victoria, where Thomas Fox decided to open a shop on Fore Street in London which would later become London Wall, following the bombing during The Second World War. From here, he built and sold umbrellas, selling the shop which bore his name to Samuel Dixon around 1880. From here, the production of umbrellas underwent a drastic change, when Samuel Fox, no relation to the prior Fox involved with the business, invented the steel umbrella frame. This replaced the umbrella’s former frame, which was often made of whalebone.

Still attracting regular business today, Fox Umbrellas are proud to embody British manufacturing, and from their Croydon workshop, the quintessentially British brand offer a range of services. Not only can one buy umbrellas, the brand offers a large range of both walking and seat sticks, able to be customised to fit the customer’s requirements. This is in addition to a full repair service on all Fox Umbrellas products, with a guarantee in place against any manufacturing defects, ensuring all products are built to immaculate standards.

Outside of London, where can one buy Fox Umbrellas?

Look no further than online luxury superstore, Kensington Bespoke, run by CEO Imran Khan. Kensington Bespoke offer all the finest brands from across Europe, ranging from Ettinger to Globe-Trotter to Daniel Wellington and everything in between, truly embodying their slogan, “Luxury and Style Made Excellent.” The brand handpick all the products they sell, allowing customers to be safe in the knowledge that they’re buying only the best, emphasised by the brand’s extensive expertise, spanning across six decades of working in the luxury industry.

Kensington Bespoke’s Fox Umbrellas collection offers models suitable for everyone, with pieces including the more simplistic Fox Telescopic Umbrella, available in both brown and black to the more impressively intricate Fox Nickel Animal Head Handle Umbrella in black. The brand also caters to ladies of luxury, offering the Fox Ladies Umbrella in Bourdeau and the Fox Ladies Telescopic Umbrella, available in shades of black and red. Prices range from £60

1 Comment(s)

Margaret Jones:
20/05/2017, 08:22:07 AM, Facebook

I've just bought a Fox Nickel Animal Head Handle Umbrella in Black. It's so beautiful and I've had so many lovely comments even from strangers . It stands out from the normal umbrellas

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