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Queen Victoria dined on it, and Princess Diana delighted to it in her annual Christmas stocking. Now it’s time to savor a special Herend experience of your own.

Brush your fingers along Herend’s smooth white porcelain body and hand painted designs, and sense the passion of great sculptors, master painters and visionary designers imbued in every piece they lovingly craft. Intended for use and enjoyment as well as artistic appreciation, Herend’s durability and ease of care ensure it fits perfectly with your lifestyle.

Herend holds a rich history spanning many years, crossing many oceans and charming generation after generation to enjoy worldwide acclaim as the pinnacle in supreme porcelain, also known as “white gold.” Now the biggest porcelain manufactory in Europe, Herend was founded in 1826 in the small village of Herend, Hungary to produce pottery.  In 1839 a major turning point occurred when Mor Fischer became the manufactory’s new owner. Taking Herend in an entirely new direction, visionary Fischer carved out the unique niche of producing dinnerware replacement pieces for Europe’s royal families to complement their valuable porcelain patterns from Germany and the Far East.

In the 1870s Herend added meticulously-crafted figurines to its creations. Folk figurines commanded center stage until demand for Herend’s animal figurines gradually grew in the1930s. Herend’s trademark fishnet design – which is most popular in the U.S. -- originated in 1874 when an artist intrigued with a Chinese plate’s fish scale design painted it onto a rooster figurine’s breast to imitate feathers.

Today Herend is sold at licensed and authorised dealers, with its genuine porcelain exported to over 60 countries.
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Herend Tang Horse

Herend Tang HorseThis stunning masterpiece from Herend stands over 30cm high.Intricate detailing bri..

£2,470.00 Ex Tax: £2,058.33

Herend Ornamental Display Plate

Herend Ornamental Display PlateThis Herend Ornamental Display Plate is a stunning piece from Herend,..

£995.00 Ex Tax: £829.17

Herend Tortoise with painted fruits and flowers

Herend Tortoise with painted fruits and flowersStunning Herend tortoise decorated with hand painted ..

£760.00 Ex Tax: £633.33

Herend Lioness and Cub

Herend Lioness and CubBeautifully detailed lioness and cub from Herend.Dimensions: 10cm height, 26cm..

£760.00 Ex Tax: £633.33

Herend Floral Teacup and Saucer

Herend Floral Teacup and SaucerThis stunning Herend floral teacup and saucer has hand painted and eq..

£742.00 Ex Tax: £618.33

Herend VBO Victoria Empire Vase

Herend VBO Victoria Empire VaseThe Empire Vase from Herend is a stunning piece of handmade porcelain..

£741.00 Ex Tax: £617.50

Herend Commemorative Crown Bonbonniere (Limited to 90 pieces)

Herend Commemorative Crown Bonbonniere (Limited to 90 pieces)We bring this spectacular presentation ..

£741.00 Ex Tax: £617.50

Herend Teacup and Saucer

Herend Teacup and SaucerThis Herend masterpiece epitomises the best hand painted porcelain tradition..

£608.00 Ex Tax: £506.67

Herend Framed Butterflies Plaquette

Herend Framed Butterflies PlaquetteStunning Herend framed picture with exquisite hand painted plaque..

£590.00 Ex Tax: £491.67

Herend Floral Sugar Pot

Herend Floral Sugar PotThe Herend Floral Sugar Pot is a stunning hand painted sugar pot with delicat..

£495.00 Ex Tax: £412.50

Herend Queen Elizabeth II Tea Service Limited Edition

Herend Queen Elizabeth II Tea Service Limited EditionTo commemorate Her Majesty becoming the longest..

£407.60 Ex Tax: £339.67

Herend Lovebirds

Herend LovebirdsAn absolutely delightful hand made piece from Herend!These lovebirds are beautifully..

£380.00 Ex Tax: £316.67

Herend Floral Scenes Teacup and Saucer

Herend Floral Scenes Teacup and SaucerThis Herend Floral Scenes Teacup and Saucer is a truly exquisi..

£379.00 Ex Tax: £315.83

Herend Floral Creamer

Herend Floral CreamerThis stunning hand painted Herend floral creamer with delicate raised flowers i..

£362.00 Ex Tax: £301.67

Herend Baroque Victoria Teacup and Saucer

Herend Baroque Victoria Teacup and SaucerStunning Herend Baroque Victoria Teacup and Saucer hand pai..

£349.00 Ex Tax: £290.83

Herend VBO Victoria Tall Vase

Herend VBO Victoria Tall VaseThis exquisite tall vase from Herend in the famous VBO Victoria design ..

£342.00 Ex Tax: £285.00

Herend Mantle Clock

Herend Mantle ClockA wonderful mantle clock by Herend in the classic Victoria 'VBO' butterfly and fl..

£330.00 Ex Tax: £275.00

Herend Royal Wedding Commemorative Limited Edition Dish

In celebration of the upcoming Wedding of Prince Henry of Wales and Meghan Markle, a special ..

£325.00 Ex Tax: £270.83

Herend Tray (Open-work)

Herend Tray (Open-work)This stunning Herend tray features open-work edging around beautifully hand p..

£313.50 Ex Tax: £261.25

Herend Ornamental Cup

Herend Ornamental CupA stunning hand painted ornamental cup by Herend in the iconic Victoria design...

£299.00 Ex Tax: £249.17

Herend Oriental Teacup and Saucer

Herend Oriental Teacup and SaucerA stunning collector's cup and saucer from Herend with hand painted..

£239.00 Ex Tax: £199.17

Herend Royal Baby Teapot Limited Edition

Herend Royal Baby Teapot Limited EditionTo commemorate the birth of HRH Princess Charlotte, Herend l..

£237.50 Ex Tax: £197.92

Herend Viennese Rose Mocca Cups and Saucers

Herend Viennese Rose Mocca Cups and SaucersThis stunning pair of Herend mocca cups and saucers come ..

£190.00 Ex Tax: £158.33

Herend Medallion

Herend MedallionThis exquisite medallion from Herend shows lovely butterfly and floral detailing.Gil..

£185.00 Ex Tax: £154.17

Herend Leaf Ashtray

Herend Leaf AshtrayThis hand made piece from Herend leaf ashtray features beautifully intricate flor..

£171.00 Ex Tax: £142.50

Herend Hand Painted Bracelet

Herend Hand Painted BraceletA stunning porcelain bracelet with hand painted flowers.In 9 links each ..

£169.00 Ex Tax: £140.83

Herend Butterfly Dish

Herend Butterfly DishA beautiful butterfly dish from Herend that is hand made and painted in the his..

£159.00 Ex Tax: £132.50

Herend Mini Tiger

Herend Mini TigerThe Herend Mini Tiger is an iconic piece from Herend. It is entirely hand made and ..

£155.00 Ex Tax: £129.17

Herend Victoria VBO Teacup and Saucer

Herend Victoria VBO Teacup and SaucerThis Herend Victoria VBO Teacup and Saucer has an iconic patter..

£145.00 Ex Tax: £120.83

Herend Basket

Herend BasketThis Herend Basket is a stunning little gift piece, this basket features gold decor, fl..

£129.00 Ex Tax: £107.50

Herend Mocca Cup & Saucer

Herend Mocca Cup & SaucerA beautifully detailed mocca cup and saucer from Herend. Drink like a royal..

£128.30 Ex Tax: £106.92

Herend Baroque Coffee Cup and Saucer

Herend Baroque Coffee Cup and SaucerThis is a Herend Baroque Coffee Cup and Saucer that is beautiful..

£124.00 Ex Tax: £103.33

Herend Scattered Roses Tall Cup

Herend Scattered Roses Tall CupThis Herend Scattered Roses Tall Cup is a wonderful addition to anyon..

£109.00 Ex Tax: £90.83

Herend Flowers with butterfly

Herend Flowers with butterflyA lovely piece from Herend featuring multicoloured flowers and butterfl..

£95.00 Ex Tax: £79.17

Herend Wall Clock

Herend Wall ClockBeautifully detailed wall clock by Herend. Measuring 26.5cm, this clock features ha..

£89.00 Ex Tax: £74.17

Herend Bonbon with bud nob

Herend Bonbon with bud nobA lovely hand made Herend bonbon makes the perfect gift. Intricate open-wo..

£83.60 Ex Tax: £69.67

Herend Heart Shaped Fancy Box

Herend Heart Shaped Fancy BoxThis is a beautiful Herend heart shaped fancy box with sitting cat on t..

£83.50 Ex Tax: £69.58

Herend Heart Shaped Fancy Box with Rabbit

Herend Heart Shaped Fancy Box with RabbitA delightful heart shaped fancy box from Herend. This piece..

£76.00 Ex Tax: £63.33

Herend Gold Leaf Dish

Herend Gold Leaf DishStunning Herend Gold Leaf Dish which has been hand made in the finest tradition..

£70.00 Ex Tax: £58.33

Herend Table Bell

Herend Table BellThis lovely Herend table bell details a flower nob.A perfect gift or collector's pi..

£66.50 Ex Tax: £55.42

Herend Basket open-work

Herend Basket open-workThis highly detailed open-work basket from Herend features blue scattered flo..

£62.70 Ex Tax: £52.25

Herend shoe

Herend shoeThis Herend shoe is a beautiful gift. This exquisite shoe for a newborn will be a cherish..

£57.00 Ex Tax: £47.50

Herend Apponyi Mug

Herend Apponyi MugA lovely mug from Herend in the famous 'apponyi' orange flowers motif. A classic p..

£49.00 Ex Tax: £40.83

Herend J.K. Rowling's Famous Beasts Teapot Charm

We introduce this exquisite little Teapot Charm from Herend of the magical green teapot as made famo..

£47.50 Ex Tax: £39.58

Herend Water Lily

Herend Water LilyAnother classic flower piece in the form of this Herend Water Lily. Hand painted an..

£47.00 Ex Tax: £39.17

Herend Leaf Dish

Herend Leaf DishHerend leaf dish in stunning green and gold detailing. This is a product that really..

£33.30 Ex Tax: £27.75

Herend Water Lily

Herend Water LilyThis Herend Water Lily is a striking white porcelain creation that is hand made by ..

£33.00 Ex Tax: £27.50