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Royal Copenhagen

Royal Copenhagen

A passion for blue, Founded by a Queen in 1775

Symbolising fidelity and secrecy, blue is a colour for which artists in the past would pay considerable sums. It is often the subject of writing. And it is also the colour in which the Royal Copenhagen expert painters excel.

Juliane Marie was known as a modern queen and a strong supporter of the country. It was the task of the reigning monarch to safeguard the country’s economic health with the development of domestic products and services. Her greatest legacy was founding the Royal Danish Porcelain Factory in 1775.

In the 1700's, it was good diplomatic practice amongst royalty and aristocracy to give fine porcelain as gifts. Following Danish defeat at the Battle of Copenhagen in 1801, Lord Nelson bought Royal Copenhagen porcelain for his beloved Lady Hamilton. The Danes lost the battle. But a love of Danish porcelain was victorious.

For more than 240 years Royal Copenhagen porcelain has been a symbol of an up-to-date, quality conscious lifestyle. And with origins in hand-painted design, Royal Copenhagen is one of the most luxurious and desirable porcelain brands in the world.

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Royal Copenhagen 2017 Year Plate

The beautiful swans should also be taken care of on Christmas Eve, thinks the little girl to herself..

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