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Aerospace material and quality married with Italian Design.

TecknoMonster products are made of Carbon Fibre, the same is used in aerospace sectors for aircraft construction. Carbon Fibre is the latest multi-axial generation fabric that boasts the best stiffness and strength properties compared to low density, minimal thickness and lightness that separates this fibre from the rest.

Carbon Fibre provides TecknoMonster products with maximum strength and lightness with the least thickness and weight. It is the material of the future, used today only for high performance and highly specialised productions. It is a niche material that sees its greater use for car chassis, aeronautics, anti-earthquake solution for buildings, as well as the space industry.

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Tecknomonster - Kronos M Trolley

Titanium trolley with aeronautic riveting and interlocking side locks. Aluminium details. Equipped w..

£2,100.00 Ex Tax: £1,750.00

Tecknomonster - Manhattan 03 Bag

Ultralight Business Bag in Carbon Fibre Nix with hand made handles and leather details. All HiTeck s..

£1,550.00 Ex Tax: £1,291.67

Tecknomonster - Avia Slim 01 Bag

The combination lock is completely made in massif brass workings are all hand-made. ..

£1,300.00 Ex Tax: £1,083.33

Tecknomonster - Oceano 2 Slim Trolley

Designed by Giacomo Valentini personally. 100% made in Italy. Multifunctional details. Weight reduce..

£790.00 Ex Tax: £658.33