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It all started with a question: how can I travel with a suit without all the hassle?

After convincing private investors to support our project, life went from crafting PowerPoint slides to designing prototypes and improving the patented system behind VOCIER:

This is the story of how F1 Racing helped us design the world’s most exquisite wrinkle-free luggage system

A solution found in F1 racing
After watching a documentary on F1 racing, we had an epiphany.
The program detailed the first-ever team of racers to use the engine of their car as a stress-bearing component of the vehicle’s construction.
We took that idea and applied it to the luggage. Aluminum tubes are usually mounted on a travel bag’s hard shell, but are actually the strongest part of the product. So we used these tubes to form the spine of the VOCIER C38, rather than merely mounting them on the exterior as most luggage makers do.

From this, We were able to create a luggage system that gently rolls the suits – rather than folding them – around an interior compartment of the bag. This ensures that the fabric remains wrinkle-free.

Materials sourced from across the globe

After four years of development and refinement, we were finally satisfied with the final product: the most stylish and upscale wrinkle-free garment bag on the market today.

That’s the story behind how we developed the VOCIER C38 wrinkle-free bag. Experience this product for yourself and let us know if all the hard work was worth it.
We hope that you enjoy our products and that they make your travel experience more enjoyable.

We love what we do. We hope you love what we create.

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